① セルフィーマシン技術

② ソーシャルステージ技術

③ プラスチックコスメ技術




About Cinderella Technology

‘Cinderella Technology’ is a collection of techniques that women use to transform themselves from their original looks and help make up a ‘new identity’. Since olden times there has been a culture in Japan of women working visible jobs such as geisha, shrine priestesses, and courtesans using make-up and costumes to hide their original appearances and create a new identity. Recently new developments in information and communication technology have affected this culture.

① Selfie machine
Equipped with technology such as image processing, facial recognition, smartphone apps or sticker photo booths, people can easily create a virtual identity.

② Plastic cosmetics
Use of false eyelashes, double eyelid glue and other plastic cosmetic goods has become more common, so that it is possible to change your appearance in real-life as you can using digital image processing.

③ Social stage
Due to the development of the Internet and social media platforms anyone can be seen by any number of people.

At first glance, girls who use cosmetic goods and photo booths to transform themselves can look the same but if you look closely there are differences. Girls who aim for their ideal appearance customize off-the-shelf cosmetics and re-create their look daily. As a result of these complex women’s minds excellent Japanese engineers formed the techniques used in Cinderella Technology and they have achieved unparalleled developments in the field.

Until now, this technology was only developed within the closed society of young Japanese girls. However from now on as internet developments and civilian identities become more complex we expect these techniques to become universally required. This technology developed in Japan that helps make up new identities is “Cinderella Technology”. For the aim of spreading this technology all over the world I am carrying out the present research.

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